NH Primary

They’ve announced John McCain has won the New Hampshire GOP Primary. I am thrilled. After winning NH in 2000, he’s come back and won again, perhaps at no better time in American history. He just gave a phenomenal speech thanking New Hampshire. While he doesn’t use a teleprompter and clearly looks uncomfortable in front of big crowds, his words echo out into your soul. His speechwriter is excellent and his speeches are just so gripping.

It’s interesting to wonder about what would have happened if he had won in 2000, what would have happened in Afghanistan and what form the GWOT would have taken. He’s a remarkable man and I have more respect for him than just about anyone in the world, particularly in politics. In 1968, when the North Vietnamese were keeping him hostage in Hanoi, they discovered his father was a top admiral and offered him a chance to leave. He refused unless they would release all the other POWs who had been there longer than him. He then stayed until 1973. To this day he cannot raise his arm above his head; he cannot even brush his own hair.

—–¬† Update:

The AP just called the race for Hillary. Wow, what a turn around for her. She’s probably my favorite Dem and my mom is thrilled, she loves Hillary. There’s something about Obama I just don’t trust and while Hillary might be emotionally devoid, that’s something that might be is beneficial for politics and women in general. CNN won’t call it yet (just called it), but 70% of the precincts have reported and Hillary has almost 6,000 votes over Obama. Wow. What an upset!


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