5 month slack attack

Yes, it’s been 5 months since my last blog post. Whatever, it’s not like I have a huge audience or anything.

Lots has happened since February: a true gamut of emotion. I’ll start with the worst and make my way up.

  • Some very bleak moments of despair from which I was not sure I’d recover. Most of it centered around questioning myself on every level of fortitude. For the first time in my life, I desperately wanted something [law school] that I was not sure I would get. Up to this point, every wish I had came true: going to my top choice college 2000 miles away from home, studying abroad, etc. And I had finally reached a point in my life where it wasn’t certain: there was a very real chance of me not getting into law school and having no clue what I was going to do with my life. The agony of self doubt and feeling as though my best would never be good enough is the single worst experience I have ever put myself through. It was all completely avoidable and I made myself miserable. The day I received my first acceptance letter was liberating and surreal. I would be in law school the next year. I was lucky enough to get a chance at making my dreams come true. This time, being above average isn’t going to be enough. Being the best is my only goal. I ended up being accepted to 7 of the 10 law schools to which I applied. Not bad. I’ll make the most of this and I will never put myself through that again. I’ll never make myself feel so horrific about my wonderful life. Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” has never had such resonance as it does now. It’s more than just wanting to do great things – it’s believing that I can and I will. And I will.
  • I graduated! They sent me out into the real world with a Bachelor’s Degree and an imagined sense of maturity. Screw that, I ain’t growin’ up yet! 🙂 But it is hard as hell to believe that the best four years of my life [to this point] are over. I swear it’s still freshman year and I’m sitting in my dorm saying hello to my new hall-mates and getting ready to head to HSC for the first of [many] frat parties.
  • That’s about it. I’m now just enjoying what I’ve dubbed The Last Summer of My Youth.  Life as a 1L is supposed to be the most difficult year ever, so I’m preparing by enjoying the last chance I have to mooch off of my parents and be a total bum. All I do is sail, read, and relax. So far, so good.

Lessons learned from the last 5 months: it’s all about attitude. Cliche time: life is too short to feel like shit, most certainly when I am the cause of the negativity. I surround myself with the best people I know, I have the best friends and family a girl could ask for, and the world belongs to those who work the hardest and believe in themselves.  That’s it.


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