“delicious autumn! my very soul is wedded to it, and if i were a bird, i would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” – george eliot.

indeed, george eliot, indeed. i love autumn more than just about anything. i think i developed my affinity for it on the east coast, where it is simply gorgeous! riding in the meadows at school that were surrounded by forest was infinitely better in the fall when they looked nearly ablaze. but it’s not just the beautiful trees [lest i sound like a hippie. i hate hippies.], there is just so much amazing about the season. let’s make a list, shall we?

  • changing of the leaves: a given.
  • FOOTBALL: i LOVE football, mostly pro football rather than college [probably a result of going to an all-women’s school and never paying much attention to the other schools]. my preferences in order: broncos, redskins, pats. and i will always hate the raiders. dirty bastards.
  • school: i’m in law school, so make whatever nerdy jokes you have, but i’ve always loved going back to school. summer’s always been fun, but very little compares to brand new pencils, books, and the chance to have a great year.
  • the air is crisp and the sun is shining: it’s always varying degrees of comfortable: chilly in the morning, pleasant in the day, chilly again come evening.
  • the clothes: seriously, cotton sweaters, oxfords, denim. ah.
  • feeling so alive: kind of ties into the crisp air that isn’t yet freezing, but there’s something so wonderful of walking down the street in a sweater and jeans with bright red cheeks. ah.
  • coffee: i’m a coffeeholic, but they all taste so much better in the fall. yum.
  • pumpkins: i don’t really know why this made the list. i don’t like to eat them, but they’re pretty and look good just about anywhere. plus pumpkin lattes are reallllllly good.
  • halloween: not the dressing up, but just seeing the kids excited is really endearing [who am i and what’ve i done with the asshole that hates kids. ew.] plus it’s just fun.
  • all references to harvest: i’m not a farmer, so i just find it symbolic, but it’s intriguing to think about.
  • photography is always so much better. [i.e. the magic hour thankgodinheavenabove]
  • beer: seasonal beer is always best in autumn. helllllo oktoberfest!

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