good ole mac and i share a birthday: august 29th. he’s 50 years older than me to the day. half a century! that’s an “L” in roman numerals! freaker! i still love the old coot. 🙂

anywho, on our shared day of birth, he went and announced his running mate as sarah palin, the alaska governor. i was sitting in the law library studying and had to physically remove myself because i couldn’t contain my excitement. i’m beyond thrilled that he picked a woman. i don’t consider myself a fem-nazi, but i’m over the moon that he picked a conservative woman. hillary deserves so many of the thanks for cracking that glass ceiling, so bravo. but yay chicks! woo!

of course, now everyone’s attacking her for everything. the next few weeks are going to be rough for palin and her family as the scandal-loving country that knows nothing about her scrambles to fill in on the gorgeous mother of 5 [and soon to be grandmother!]. but for the love of all things holy, the next asshole i hear ripping on her for being a bad mom is going to get an earful. possibly even a punch in the face. this is the 21st century, women can do anything they want [except for peeing standing up, but that’s a different post] and she has a HUSBAND who can take care of these kids. yes that’s right, the husband could stay at home, imagine that. she CAN be a good mother and be busy. who’s to say she’s a worse parent than obama will be if either get elected? both will have busy, busy days [obama more so] and both have young children leaving their raising primarily to their spouse. this isn’t the good parent contest, this is the contest to see who will run the free world.

and the issue of inexperience. shut.the.freak.up. she’s a governor: has executive power over a state. granted, it is a very small state, but it is the only one sharing a border with russia. that doesn’t really matter, but then again she’s on the ticket as the vice president. it’s a legitimate concern for the president to not have much experience, but the vp’s responsibilities lie mainly with raising money for the party and as a tie-breaking vote in congress. that doesn’t take experience, it takes pretty suits and a jovial attitude.  duh.

and i love all the people talking about the fact that she’s pro-life and still a woman, how she must be a disgrace to women. STOP PIGEONHOLING WOMEN!! She’s pro-life for religious reasons. What that means is that abortion isn’t an issue of choice or women’s rights, it’s an issue of the right to life for the baby. she legitimately thinks it’s murder and therefore isn’t a choice. it doesn’t matter what causes the pregnancy, it’s still murdering a baby. i for one am pro-choice, so that isn’t my view, but i’m so sick of people only seeing the one side. open up.

i may not agree with everything mac or palin stand for, but it was brilliant strategery to pick a conservative woman to pick up the base and maybe a few more independents. i doubt the point was to obtain hillary supporters, but man oh man i’m glad he didn’t pick romney. my man mac is progressive. excellence.


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