andy vandy + me + the breakers = 2018

new life plan:

  • become super awesome corporate attorney, jetting all over the world to make business deals, making lots of money, and doing lots of fun stuff. then, become congresswoman firecracker.
  • marry anderson cooper. i’ll call him andy vandy, we’ll take back the breakers from the preservation society. we’ll have a big wedding, invite everyone i’ve ever known, and make 99% of them totally uncomfortable with my extravagant wealth and awesomeness.

    the breakers in newport.

    the breakers in newport.

  • purchase private jet named “air di”
  • run for president, be elected for only having one house and being connected with normal people. [nevermind the fact that it is insured at $384 mil [probably a low ball for the actual value of the house]] be the favorite president with popularity ratings >70%.
  • have andy vandy’s baby, name it randy so he’ll be randy vandy of the di and andy vandy family
  • die happy.

that’s the good life. be nice to me, we’ll party at the breakers in a few years and maybe you’ll meet sanjay gupta and can start your own rhyming gupta family [i realize mine will be more fun. sorry.]


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