law school: 2 weeks in

i have survived two full weeks of law school, yay! some days i hate it more than anything in the world and can’t believe i’m paying for this abuse, and other days i really like it and think i’ve got a handle on it. perhaps i’m manic depressive, who knows. there are some gunners in my section who are reallllllly obnoxious and someone will probably snap at them soon [i.e. me]. i hope, anyway. seriously, if you’re going to ask a hypo, go to office hours instead of wasing my time and my money [about 10 minutes of class time costs me $15 and it’s certainly not going to help me pass the bar. so how about you save me the frustration, you the embarrassment, and you just give me the $15 and skip it, okay? kgreatthanks.

this video = my life until may 2011. no joke. haha enjoy.


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