2000 miles

in the words of the pretenders, through the mouths of coldplay “and our hearts were singing/it felt like christmas time//2000 miles is very far through the snow/i think of you wherever i go“.

i booked my plane ticket home for christmas this weekend. it’s roughly 2000 miles, and i’ll be home for 3 weeks. not quite the 5 i’m used to from undergrad, but not paltry, either. i fly home on sunday the 21st, a mere 4 days before christmas. and i’m likely to be a total zombie considering i will have just finished 2 grueling weeks of the most important exams in my life thus far [yes, i’m melodramatic, but it’s true – everybody says the most important grades in law school are your first semester and the only grades we have are exams]. only 3.5 days to celebrate for christmas. i love christmas. *whine whine whine*

107 days until i’m home with the ones i love. take it by week, it’s only 15 weeks. that’s not *so* bad, is it?

we’ll see, i’m just waiting for the pace to pick up. funny, though, that i’m counting down to a time, in essence wishing my life right now away, and all i really want to do is go back in time to undergrad years.

i’m screwed up.


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