2nd grade called. they would like their rules back.*

so not a terribly exciting day, but i took a lunch break with some kids and couldn’t quite finish my soda. i took the rest of it with me back to the library for the 20 minutes before i had to run to crim law. innocuous enough, or so i thought. no less than 60 seconds after sitting down, crazy librarian lady comes running up to me screaming that i needed to throw it out. i calmly explained that it was closed and in my bag, not to be removed until i left the library and her response “well it wasn’t supposed to come in here in the first place. get it out NOW.” fucking excuuuuuse me for trying to be an adult, asshat. here are my problems:

  1. it was in my bag, i wasn’t even drinking it.
  2. i’m paying a SUBSTANTIAL amount of money for the privilege of studying here.
  3. while crazy library lady may be able to afford to drink half a soda and throw it away, that $1.35 is very important to my well being and the loans sustaining me.
  4. i’m 22 years old. i’m pretty sure i’m capable of (a) not making a mess when drinking a soda (when it and i are devoid of booze, obv) and (b) cleaning up after myself if i do make a mess.
  5. i wasn’t using a school textbook or computer. if i were to spill it, only my shit would get ruined.

this means contraband and war. bring it on, crazy lady. oh, and she totally would’ve had an aneuryism if she’d seen me eat that banana at 10.30. haha i hope she finds the peel. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

*and yes, i do realize that 1992 called and it would like it’s joke back.


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