50 things you might not have known.

  1. how tall are you barefoot: 5’6.5″
  2. have you ever flown first-class: yes
  3. one of your favorite books when you were a child: the nutcracker
  4. a good restaurant in your city: well, since i’ve only been in newport for 3 weeks, it might change, but so far it’s the gas lamp grille [best steak tip sandwich i’ve ever had]
  5. your favorite small appliance: i’m not sure i could survive without my coffee maker.
  6. one person who never fails to make you laugh: al-pal.
  7. favorite christmas song: that’s like asking a mother to pick her favorite child. my favorite carol is oh come all ye faithful, my favorite suite is the nutcracker suit, and my favorite pop song is better days by goo goo dolls.
  8. favorite holiday: CHRISTMAS. seriously, nothing is better. it’s only september and i’ve already got sugarplums dancing in my head.
  9. the first music that you ever bought: dave matthews band: under the table and dreaming
  10. favorite game as a child: the 200 person version of capture the flag we played at camp was ballin.
  11. one thing you cook that always receives compliments: i grill a mean steak.
  12. when you were twelve years old, what did you want to be when you grew up: an astronaut. seriously, i was in love with all things NASA and went to space camp. i was clearly the coolest kid in school. ha.
  13. your favorite soup of the day: lobster bisque. yummm.
  14. what in your life are you most grateful for: my wonderful family, particularly the best father in the world.
  15. have you ever met someone famous: lots of politicos, not too many west coast fames [thankgoodness]
  16. top 3 thoughts at this exact moment: i have a lot of reading to do, i wonder if it’s going to be rainy all day, and law school is kinda cool.
  17. three people you’re thinking about right now: my bro-ha flying back to the netherlands today, anderson cooper, and yacht club boy.
  18. name 5 drinks you regularly drink: coffee! [gevalia hazelnut blend is my coffee du jour right now], tanqueray and tonic, diet dr. pepper, water, skim milk
  19. favorite/bulk news source: bbc
  20. current hair: red and kinda frizzy from the humidity
  21. current worry: aunt marcie and hurricane ike. 😦
  22. current hate: the shittiness of route 114.
  23. favorite place to be: watching the sunset from the sailboat.
  24. least favorite place to be: dentist office. i haaaate the dentist.
  25. do you consider yourself well organized: usually.
  26. where do you think you’ll be in 10 years: lawyer somewhere, trying to get into politics, hopefully with a really awesome husband. we’ll see.
  27. do you burn or tan: omg burrrrrn. always. then i get freckles.
  28. more optimistic or pessimistic about the future: totally optimistic.
  29. last alcoholic drink: floradora yesterday at the boat show! [3 parts gin: 1 part lime juice: 1 part raspberry syrup: spicy ginger beer] – sounds bizarre but it was sooooo good.
  30. what songs do you sing in the shower: i don’t sing in the shower, perhaps i’ll start.
  31. what did you fear was going to get you at night as a kid: zeke the plumber from salute your shorts. no joke, that terrified me for a few years. never said it was reasonable.
  32. what’s in your pockets right now: carnegie abbey club card.
  33. last thing that made you laugh: boston legal.
  34. last thing that made you cry: thinking about laura and what would’ve been her 24th birthday this monday.
  35. best bed sheets you had as a child: the muppets. they rocked.
  36. worst injury you’ve ever had: riding accident with concussion, seizure, and some serious bruises [they were a score 3 on the harm score list. bad news.]
  37. favorite song: lie in our graves, dave matthews band.
  38. favorite TV show: boston legal is amazing. so is frontline.
  39. how many TVs do you own: just 1. it’s pretty. 🙂
  40. in the last calendar year, how many people have you told that you love them? my family. and one.
  41. last person that made you blush: hell no i’m not sharing.
  42. best compliment received: from advisor man that i underestimate myself. he made me cry.
  43. song is in your head: o.a.r.: shattered.
  44. your favorite book: r.m. macIver’s pursuit of happiness changed my life [not the one that was made into a movie]. otherwise, into thin air is amazing. i think i’ve read it about 8 times.
  45. last meal you cooked: chicken teriyaki.
  46. what songs do you want played at your wedding? a big jazz band playing miles davis and the others.
  47. what were you doing at 8pm last night? boat show and dinner.
  48. what will you be doing at 8pm tonight? studying. there’s soooo much to do.
  49. if you could only go to one place in the world, where would you go? i want to go to moscow soooo badly.
  50. what would you like to accomplish with the remaining years of your life? be happy and be successful: use the gifts that i have to help others who don’t, do good things.

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