today would’ve been your 24th birthday. you were the most beautiful and loving person i have ever encountered. every single good thing people have said about you just isn’t enough to capture the magnanimity of your spirit. you always strove to help us become better people, you and i spent so much time driving over the mountain to lexington where all we talked about is how great life is.

i think what i miss most about you is your undeniably positive outlook and how even when the chemo got really bad, all you could talk about is how blessed you were. that infectious laugh could brighten the worst of my days, which were a cake walk comparatively. i miss that huge smile of yours, that laughter i could hear all the way across the dell, i miss you. i hope heaven is as wonderful as it seems and you’re finally comfortable and hanging out strumming your banjo with colonel hammond.

happy birthday, beautiful girl. miss you always.

hope everlasting.


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