weekend highlights

i lead a life of pure excitement, as i’m sure everyone knows. ha. the highlights from the weekend:

  1. i got so much work done this weekend! i pretty much stayed in all weekend, but i got 3 of my course outlines done [4 full weeks of class] and they look great! i read about 200 pages and got ahead on my reading. we’re getting our legal methods assignments soon and this way i’m prepared to get them done early before the rest of my classes heat up, too. it’s such a good feeling to be ahead on my work and feel prepared for the week.
  2. friday night was excellent. the grad student housing RA [i’ll call her insaneo emo. fyi, she has a harry potter tattoo] organized a bowling trip and the girl across the hall convinced me to go. i hate bowling. hate hate hate. shared shoes, it always reeks of cigarette smoke and stale beer, and it reminds me of the movie kingpin [which i hate]. we met over at insaneo emo’s apartment to find that none of the other law students were going, it was just the forensic psychology master’s students. they’re all emo and/or crazy girls. we sat there for 20 minutes waiting for everyone to collect and all the girls were talking about some kid in their program and his happy trail and whether a strap-on qualifies as a penis. seriously. they sounded like a bunch of 12 year old’s and i wanted nothing to do with it. there were 11 people total and they were trying to figure out carpooling and i was trying to figure out how the hell to get out of it. girl across the hall stood up and was like, “you know what, i’ll bow out, that should solve the problem”. and i was like, “you know, me too. i really need to get started on my contracts homework. have fun!”. and then we went to dinner with the guys downstairs. it was superb. i’m not sure if my disdain was visible [it totally was], but at that point i just didn’t care. i had NO desire to spend 2 hours with girls talking about happy trails and strap-on sex. my beer and steak with some awesome guys talking about baseball was soooo much better.
  3. saturday i worked most of the day and watched true colors with james spader and john cusack. 1991 was a good year. it’s a wonderful movie appealing to everything i like: uva, law, politics, pretty people [seriously, james spader in this movie is hottt and everything i want in a man].
  1. and now, on to watch the broncos hopefully go 3-0. up against the saints who are 1-1. but the pats just got their butts handed to them from miami. ick.

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