the reunion is gonna be bizarre.

so one of my childhood friends who i haven’t talked to in… 10+ years maybe [side note: i can’t believe i’m old enough to say 10+ years and remember time before that. whoa] facebooked me the other day. i used to play soccer with her in grammar school and we went to high school together, but at a school of 2000, that means little. when you grow up in colorado, you know a lot of mormons. doesn’t make much difference except for when you have a party, you have to have a non-soda option. no biggie.

anywho, so i was just perusing her profile and saw that (1) she’s married (2) has a 14 month old baby (3) lives in utah and (4) was expecting triplets. she is mormon, so that does make some degree of sense. i do know quite a few people who are married and my age. i don’t find it terribly odd, i just realize that’s not an appropriate life choice for me right now. i don’t know anyone my age with a child. or should i say, i’m not aware of any. this girl is going to have 4 children before i’ve even started my second year of law school. it is completely unfathomable to me to be a full-time wife and mother at 22.

thinking of her, i started thinking about all the people i grew up with and how wildly our lives have taken off and diverged. some are still in college. some have joined the peace corps. some are in grad school, some are in med school, more than a few are in law school [represent!]. lots have jobs – some dead-end, some with an extended future in finance, some temp. TONS of them are teachers. some commissioned into the armed forces. and some are just dicking around before we have to legitimately grow up.

i simultaneously think i have nothing in common with these people anymore, yet we shared our childhoods. we shared the fundamental development of our lives – we spent the magical days of grammar school together, we suffered through puberty together [and tormented each other], we experienced our first loves and heartbreak together. regardless of the fact that i don’t really talk to any of them anymore and that i’m totally enamored with the here and now [and what once was at sweet briar], these people will always have my past.

i’m super happy we don’t have a 5 year reunion. i wouldn’t go because i’m not sure 5 years is enough to realize all the change, but 2014 will be our 10 year reunion.  [hopefully] i’ll have graduated from law school, be practicing for an awesome big law firm somewhere, maybe involved long-term [or, cough cough married to anderson cooper], and be super fabulous. it’s gonna be so bizarre though. i’ll be 28 in 6 years, how can that be? oy vey i’m so aged, i need to go check for wrinkles and grey hair now.


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