things are starting to look up!

it’s been a great week in law school!

  • our torts class with professor boring is getting a little better – he seems to be trying to involve us.
  • i went to brown bag lunch with my civ pro professor scary pants on monday. she’s delightful! she hosts these lunches so we can establish a rapport with her outside of class so she’s not always terrifying.
  • and, the best part, i’m finally INTELLECTUALLY ENGAGED!!!! the first 5 weeks were just blah because i just wasn’t interested in anything we were studying. and FINALLY contracts is sucking me in. i love it. might i actually, gasp, like law school? no, still going to hold out judgment.
  • side note: i have a great study group! we bitch for about 5 minutes about everything nasty, then get to work. it’s a great group of people [kinda random] and i’ve just been having fun. [and yes, i do realize it’s pathetic that my standards of happiness have been lowered to the point where joking around about stupid rulings in cases are fun. so shoot me.]

life stuff:

  • i might be going to mississippi for thanksgiving!! my bff K invited me down to her family’s place since i’m not going home. it’s a long trip, so we’ll see, but it’d be so nice.
  • i just got a netflix subscription [yes, i know it’s 2008] and i love it! yay!
  • i caved and ordered a gevalia coffee service. with it, i got an awesome coffee maker to replace my pathetic little one and i got the espresso roast. it is SO.GOOD. oh my.
  • the leaves are starting to turn, it feels like fall, and i’m just straight up happy. woo!

peace, ya’ll, have a good weekend!! here’s a fun little clip. i’ve seen it about 12 times and i’m crying because i’m laughing so hard. it’s the simple things, man.


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