less than a month

…until america elects the most powerful man in the world. i got my absentee ballot on friday, so i’m pumped to fill it out, mail it in, and have voted for my 2nd president!

i’m still not sure who is going to win, but it’s going to be a nail-biter assuredly. i think it’s going to be within 10 electoral votes [actually if i had to make a specific guess it would be 273 – 264 in mccain’s favor]; certainly not the landslide the media is expecting. it’s going to be messy and there will be a lot of backlash, probably significantly more than in the 04 debacle. at the very least, i’m excited that regardless of which party wins, it will be historic and there will be someone in the white house representing a group that has never had elected access before. though i still think mac should have picked condi. i would have been in heaven and he would have beaten the snot out of obama.

i’ve read a lot of op eds as to what will happen if either party wins and it’s simultaneously interesting and horrifying. some are predicting that if mccain wins there will be unprecedented racial wars, particularly in the urban ghettos. some are anticipating the end of affirmative action and white guilt toward blacks if obama wins. they’re saying that if a black man can reach the pinnacle of success, there will not be a need to give the minority group an extra hand in succeeding. i personally think affirmative action has no role in today’s society and would be thrilled to see it disbanded, but i think it will take a lot more than a presidential election to get rid of a mechanism like that from a society that is still considering reparations.

what i just cannot fathom is why, after the least popular president in american history, the opposition party is involved in a nail-biter. there is absolutely no reason the democrats should have had a difficult time getting elected after president bush. they have someone who is hugely popular along all ends of the spectrum, particularly the elusive youth, yet still struggling in the polls. the rest of the world wants us to elect obama [save, perhaps, israel] and the margin of error in the polls is larger than the gap between the two. granted, anyone who has taken statistics understands the fallacy of polls, but they are fairly indicative of the prevailing opinion [in this case, it’s a toss up].

SCOTUS has 5 justices over the age of 70 and stevens is 88! In the next presidential term, several will step down [or kick the bucket] and that’s a very important consideration when thinking of who to elect. the senate and the house will both be solidly democrat and i know that i don’t want a liberal president appointing liberal justices, approved by a liberal senate. stevens and ginsburg are the oldest on the court, and probably most likely to step down, and they’re both liberal, so at least we’re not too worried about all the conservative justices stepping down to be replaces by liberals. i certainly don’t want SCOTUS one-sided, but i have an immense respect for the decisions that are 5-4 with kennedy as the swing vote. hopefully, if everyone is liberal, they’ll wind up with a souter situation [where he diverges from the party nominating him] rather than a bork being confirmed. the courts should not be politically charged, but they are. i have the utmost respect for SCOTUS, but i worry if every branch of power falls to the same side.

honestly, i’m just tired of all this. it’s clear what each candidate stands for and the people who haven’t decided to whom their vote is going yet are just narcissistic, probably ill-informed jerks. jeez i’m ready to find out if i have 4 [or more] years to bitch about the president or get really, really excited the night of the election and show up hungover to civil procedure the next day. 🙂


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