got my foot on the gas full steam ahead
and i can’t forget what my daddy said
he said happiness is found inside your heart

zac brown band: on this train. it’s a healing song. 🙂

t.g.i.mother’freaking.friday. going out tonight to celebrate a friend’s birthday. he’s halfway to 46, today, which i of course shared with him after contracts today. don’t think he was terribly thrilled for my math skills. 🙂 tomorrow: barrister’s ball! yay! there’s been drama [of course], but i love my gown, and it’ll be a blast.

5 things that make me happy, brought to you by the letter B:

  • bruce springsteen. the boss. his music is amazing and the songs of my youth.  only one word to define a generation-defining artist: epic.
  • berthe morisot. i love impressionist art and successful women in previous generations. her artwork is just phenomenal. summer day is one of my favorite pieces:
berthe morisot: summer day. 1879.

berthe morisot: summer day. 1879.

  • busted stuff, the dave matthews band’s 5th album. it’s a great return with phenomenal songs.
  • belgian warmbloods. well, horse breeding generally, but i love the belgian ponies. they’re gorgeous.
  • breeches and boots! [note: you must pronounce correctly – britches n’ booots with a country drawl] one of my favorite memories from my past was horseshowing, then going to dinner [in public, gasp] in our tailored sportsmans and tall boots. seriously, what’s cooler? haha.


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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! You’re in DC? The Cost Plus World Market (whatever the new name is) in Friendship Heights has Tim Tams (a bunch of different kinds).

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