barristers’ ball

  • insanity, but fun. my favorite text of the night that seemed to sum up the evening: as classy as frat circle during greek week. seriously, these law students were at a formal event at the westin with faculty and even a congressman [see below], and some got so drunk, they puked on the bar. i’m sorry – i thought we were past that.  i’m all for having fun, and sometimes i do have too much, but i cannot imagine being in a formal gown, getting shitfaced, and not even making it to the bathroom to ralph.
  • there had been sooooo much drama with my friends beforehand, it really overshadowed the whole night. it was unfortunate, but i still had a good time.
  • my gown was really pretty. 🙂 got lots of compliments. [ugly girls like compliments, too.]
  • my fave story of the night: patrick kennedy made an appearance and the firecracker nickname has been renewed. yessss. background: when i was interning on the hill in 2006, i ran into the congressman and had a conversation with him. he ended it by saying “i look forward to debating a firecracker on the other side of the aisle in a few years.” and so on saturday, i ran into him, reminded him of our convo, he claimed to remember [not sure i believe that, but it was gracious of him], and i’m now pumped.
  • i know why everyone calls it law school prom. it was. drunkenness, inappropriate clothing, drama, and gossip. only we did it one better: we were allowed to drink. yesss.

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