what a week

longest week of my existence. a wee recap:

  • got my appellate brief turned in this morning! we’ll see how good it is, but it’s done, and that’s all i need for now.
  • there were 33 people in torts yesterday. there are 65 enrolled. nice.
  • making banana bread now! i had some bananas that were too brown for me to eat, so i’m making it now and am going to freeze until i get back. yum.
  • i’m leaving tomorrow!! thank goodness. i’m so excited to go home.
  • why is it that the night before i have a huge assignment due, my phone rings off the hook? i talked to 8 people last night. i love them dearly, but my timing BITES.
  • a little bit of packing, getting take-out, and SLEEP are on the agenda for this evening. excellent.

take a look at this website to see a visual representation of money. it’s fascinating.

all right, i’m out! see y’all soon, but probably no blogging while i’m home. have a phenomenal week and St. Patrick’s Day!! i intend to celebrate the holiday with green beer, skiing at vail. excellent.


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