back to the grind

so i’m begrudgingly back at school. break was so phenomenal, i was really upset to leave. there’s a chance i might have shed a tear getting on the plane. maybe.

but now i’m back to finish my first year of law school. there are 5 weeks of classes left (27 days of class actually), then exams, so i’ve got a lot of work about to attack me. but that’s okay, because i’m most miserable here when i’m not studying. i really like what i’m learning and don’t like the people, so when i spend all of my time working, i’m happy. whoa – i’ve just outnerded myself.

my week home really solidified my desire to move back to colorado. example: on friday i was out hiking and came across about 5 or 6 different people/couples. every last one said hello and shot the proverbial shit with me. i feel so happy when i’m in the mountains, and i can sail while i’m there, too. so really, everything that i love is there. plus i’d be a good GOPer in colorado politics – conservative, but a conservationist too. whoa.

we’ll see, but back to work for me. holy crap summer is coming up soon!


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