love&hate monday!

love: ball & buck. they make these adorable, organic pocket t-shirts. ordering mine right now. 🙂

hate: when people change their status on facebook to something like “why is he *so* immature?” yes. because changing your FB status is the mature way to handle something.

love: waking up grumpy, tired, and ready to have a miserable day, then deciding to have a good day. the results are great. one bad day easily turns into two, and three, and onward to a miserable life. but with a little positivity, gratefulness, and a bright [but cold] sun, it is just grand!

hate: not being around horses right now. as soon as i pass the bar and start making money, that’s one of the first things i’ll get back into again. but for now, just looking at pictures of hrorses gets my sad face on.

love: i’m going to an alumnae club of boston event on friday! it’s the first official alum event i’m going to since graduating and i’m so very excited.

hate: make up classes. i realize that i’m getting what i’m paying for by making them up, but it makes for some reallllllly long days. [tomorrow we normally are finished at 3.15, but we’re going until 5.30. ugh.]

love: i have a cold! that’s not what i love, but the pollen count was wicked high when i was home and i was super worried i had allergies [those don’t go away, but colds do], but i came back here, and my sneezing has definitely continued. yay cold and not allergies!

time to get some more homework done and eat dinner! daylight savings really messes with my internal clock. it’s all bright and sunny, and then HOLY COW IT’S LATE.


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