life’s crazy, eh?

14 more days of classes. YIKES. then a reading week and 2 weeks of exams. our property exam is a 5 hour in-class exam. vomit.

tomorrow: i have my oral argument for legal writing and sarah weddington is coming to lecture. the undergrad CRs are planning on protesting because the school is putting it on as a lecture instead of as a debate during holy week. here are some problems with that argument: (1) we’re not a religiously-affiliated school [we don’t get any religious holidays off – jewish, orthodox, muslim, etc.] , (2) she’s so famous, she probably gave the school specific dates she could lecture rather than them “picking”, (3) she’s not lecturing on abortion, she’s lecturing on life as an attorney and litigating before the Supreme Court [she was 26 when she argued roe v. wade and it was the first case she had ever litigated. and she won.]

still trying to figure out my summer plans – waiting to hear back from a few internships up here in RI and a fellowship in DC. then getting my transfer apps in ASAP.

i love this song. it’s so upbeat! i’ve been a semi-fan of xavier rudd for a while, but this is just so positive! i love it!


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