what the heck, time?

time is flying! this is the last full week of june, whatthehell?!?!

  • light speed recap: i exiled myself from the blogging world for the last few weeks of school and exams, and now all of the sudden i’ve been in DC for six weeks. in that time, i finished classes, had the 3 weeks of hell on earth exams, got my grades back, which turned out really well, and now i’m in the districtdoing an amazing program. internship/seminars/etc.
  • emo blip: the best news: i’m happy. pure unadulterated happiness, the likes of which i haven’t felt in almost a year. 1L year was very tough for me and i was downright miserable for much of it. i was worried that it was just the nature of the beast and that growing up means sacrificing happiness. this summer has shown me how totally untrue that is. i love this city and need to move here. this summer is just what i needed.
  • transfer deets: won’t know until late july/early august, so that’ll suck. i’ve been comparing my thoughts on it to the lottery: you play, hoping to win, but never expecting to. we’ll see, but i doubt i’ll be despondent if i stay. my good friend M is the president of our chapter of the federalist society [as treasurer, i am her bitch] and she’s in the district for the summer, too. last week we met up at a bar and she told me all about how her 1L year was horrific. she’s a rising 3L and plans to take the bar in VA after graduation. she’s great and adds a lot of value to my life.
  • bridesmaid duties: my best friend is getting married in november and i’m so so so happy for her. she and her fiance are great together and i’m so thrilled that i can be a part of their big day. this is the first wedding i’ve ever been in [true story: wasn’t even in my only brother’s wedding. no sour grapes. none at all] so i’m kinda feeling out what all i’m supposed to do. she hired a wedding planner, bought our dresses, and pretty much leaves me to do nothing until wedding weekend, when i’m expected to fly in 3 days early. it’s the weekend before thanksgiving, so i have to miss a few days of school, fly back, learn for 3 more days, then “celebrate thanksgiving” by prepping for exams again. the dress is really pretty, though! and it’s too short for me to wear heels, so i can get away with flats. i’m pumped. 🙂

welp folks, that’s all i’ve got for le updates. will actually start blogging again. for real this time. like a normal blogger. i swear.


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