end of july?

there we have it, i’m officially the worst blogger ever. apparently i only update once a month. don’t judge, i’ve been having such an amazing summer, there’s just no time to sit inside and blog! i fly home saturday, though, for 2 weeks, then back to school in new england. what a life, eh? what have i been up to? see bullet points:

  • my internship, obviously. in the process of 4 publications and an op-ed coming out this or next week. it’s been amazing. intellectual stimulation, meeting big names, getting published [soooo excited], and having a huge corner office to myself. i think that’s to cover the fact that i don’t get paid [tangibly, anyway], but someday soon, it’ll pay off.
  • met my future husband. he doesn’t know it yet, but it’s true. he’s a scholar at one of the think tanks in town. i’ve been lusting after him all summer. he’s coming to speak at my school this year, too, so now my lusting is borderline creepy. but he’s dreamy and hits my trifecta of men: intelligent, attractive, arrogant. bonus points: he’s super nice. didn’t expect that one.
  • endless seminars and talks and receptions and everything i could fit in this summer.
  • met justice scalia! he’s fantastic: hilarious, beyond brilliant, and gave me some reading suggestions to help develop my legal skillz.
  • drinking. way too much. i’m not a big drinker during the academic year [just no time], but with all the receptions and happy hours, i’ve been sloshed/tipsy/buzzed/whatever for a solid portion of the summer. see, being a law student doesn’t ruin my foolish early-20s too much, does it?
  • gained waaaaaay many pounds. 50 hour work weeks + receptions/seminars 3 nights/week = no time to work out = fat firecracker. well, fatter. but i’ll get back into shape soon. i really want to get into boxing.
  • got my spark back!!! i lost it 1L year, and i’m back in action! the happiness, the motivation to succeed, be happy, and learn.
  • being a tourist minus the fannypacks and obnoxiousness on wmata. i went to: all the monuments and smithsonians [well, most, i didn’t make it to the anacostia museum], nats games, baltimore, mount vernon, all of the art museums, explored georgetown up and down, went to fancy restaurants with my boss and his wife, the sotomayor confirmation hearings [interviewed on cspan yessss], spent way too much money, got sunburned/bugbitten/freckled, some other stuff, i’m sure.
  • have a few potential options for a job next summer: big firm, think tank, hopefully more.

now, not to be too emotional or whatever, but i’ll leave with a comment from congressman trent franks [r-az] from a reception thursday that i feel is quite appropriate.

the days pass slowly, but the years fly by, so enjoy what you have.

off to pack and enjoy my last few days in this phenomenal city.


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