united 663

this was written while waiting for my flight home on saturday, and just posting it now.

so i’m sitting here, waiting for flight 663 to denver with a lot on mind. i said goodbye to the randomly assigned roommates who had been my family for 10 weeks, likely to never see them again [with a few exceptions]. i handed in my apartment keys today to the best program director possible, gave him a hug, and was on my way, with nothing to do but read and reflect.

i love dc. i tell all i encounter why i’m in love with the city: it’s full of politics, vibrancy, youth, ambition, hard work, and so much history! i know a lot of people become jaded with it and how everyone is always clambering over each other to get what they want, but i honestly haven’t seen too much of that yet. or i’m just not cynical enough to recognize it and attribute it to the city yet. i feel like the city is mine – i belong there. i think next summer [my last one!] i’m going to try to work for a firm or think tank in the city, then take the bar in virginia and just waive into dc. this is my city! does it have problems? of course, but what city doesn’t? i know this is where i belong.

but for now, i’m flying home for two weeks. well, i should say i’m flying to colorado. i’m still technically a resident, but i haven’t spent more than a month at a time here since 2004 when i left for college. when do i stop calling it home? maybe once i change my driver’s license. or for as long as my parents live in the same house in which i grew up. hopefully forever. 🙂

more than ever before, this summer has filled me with the drive to succeed, follow my dreams, and get back to the city. 2 years in new england and i’ll be back, i’m sure.

it is sometimes called the City of Magnificent Distances, but it might with greater propriety be termed the City of Magnificent Intentions.

–Charles Dickens


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