SCOTUS hazing?

SoSo [that’s justice sotomayor] was sworn in on friday as the newest associate justice of the supreme court. it’s historical, exciting, blah blah blah.

my question: how do the 8 current justices handle the newest? after she has the official swearing in, do they all go get shitfaced on the roof and swap stories? play drinking games? or is it a little less jovial – do they haze her? make her push an orange across the floor of her chambers with her nose? make her do a shot for every case she’s had overturned?

think she’s massively hungover at the moment? i mean, she has a few months to get all of her pre-term work done [hiring clerks, secretaries, buying a house, etc.], it’s not as though she has any pressing matters to tend to this week.

who do we think she’s going to buddy up with? it’s well known that scalia and ginsburg are bff, so who’s going to be SoSo’s bff? my money is on kennedy. picture them doing yoga together and going to dinners at bistrot lepic. totally.

girl knows how to party

girl knows how to party



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2 responses to “SCOTUS hazing?

  1. Pretty certain Soto will notice her Coke cans laden with pubes for the next few weeks…you know who….

  2. charlie


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