5 weeks as a 2L!

okay so life is nutso! clearly i’m a bad blogger.

i’m a 2L now! taking 5 classes and loving it! the rundown:

  • business organizations [studying corporations, partnerships, agency, etc.]: probably my least favorite class. the material is interesting, but the prof sucks. i get really bitter when i have a bad prof, but such is life.
  • constitutional law: my very favorite class! i’m super nerdy, so i love it. but it’s all about the constitution [duh] and how the judicial and legislative interpretation of it have changed over the history of the states. i’m so in love with this class. although, i have to say, it’s really intimidating to read the big cases. i’ve heard about them, seen them cited all over the place, but finally sitting down and reading them in context: blows my mind. i have so much respect for this class and the material.
  • evidence: oy. i haaaated this class for the first few weeks, but i’m slowly coming around to it.
  • federal income taxation: holy crap oy. i like the material, i enjoy the reading, but holy batman it’s dense. we’re flying through the material [we’re reading the entire tax code for a one semester class] and it’s qualitatively different than the rest of the courses. it’s so crazy, though. i’m actually looking forward to doing my taxes this year.
  • national security law: my other very favorite class! the prof is brilliant, but a bit dull. it fits in perfectly with what i did this summer and it’s so fascinating. this is my first law school class where we sit around and debate policy and argue about what powers the executive has versus the legislature. it’s fascinating.

all of that plus my work with the federalist society consumes my life. i have an exorbitant amount of work to do each week [hence the blog neglect], but i love it. i realize i’m doing what i love, and i wake up every day with a smile.

i’m in the middle of try outs for moot court [so far, so good] and i’ve applied to a law journal, too. what up, overcommitment! ‘

it’s crazy to see the 1Ls. as a class, they’re older than we were [our average age was 24, they’re 25], there’s 210 of them [there were 180 of us], and it’s so weird to see them take everything in. they’re still trying to figure everything out, and it’ll be interesting when they do. for now, they’re not really in the lib like the upperclass students are, so there are always free cubicles. the ones i know are pretty nice, so we’ll see.

i’m outskies – study time. hopefully i’ll start posting more regularly. ย the new SCOTUS term starts october 5th and i am SO EXCITED. it’ll be interesting to see which cases they grant cert and how sotomayor fits in.



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  1. I am SO stealing “outskies”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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