shut the hell up!

georgetown cupcake delivers nationwide.

let that sink in.

the most delicious cupcakes this side of paradise will deliver outside of the beltway.

to say i’m excited is an understatement. to say that my obesity is terrified is without a doubt.

conveniently, they’re retailing at $29/dozen. shipping = $26. that’s $55.00 for 12 cupcakes. $4.83 for each delicious cupcake.




if you can justify parting with $55 [highway robbery!], commence shopping. also, since you’re in the charity market, firecracker needs a sponsor.



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2 responses to “shut the hell up!

  1. Thank goodness I have a salt tooth instead of a sweet… 😉

  2. charlie

    step awaaaaay from the cupcakes.

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