thank you, king ferdinand!

queen isabella, too!

columbus day weekend has been a glorious gift – the extra day off is marvelous and has given me a much needed reprieve from the pressures of law school.

saturday i stimulated the economy! [i say that so i feel less guilty about spending money!]

my brother gave me an ll bean giftcard for my birthday that i still needed to spend, so i bought these:

i still have some left on my card, so i think i’m going to order this jacket. they didn’t have the color i like in my size, but i tried it on in another color and love the fit. perfect autumn jacket!

and i snuck into brooks brothers [never a good idea when i’m on a budget!]. they had just opened this new store and were having a fabulous sale, so i bought the silk cashmere shawl collar sweater in black. [i couldn’t get the pic to link.] it’s super duper soft and surprisingly, i really liked the collar. i needed to replace a black sweater anyway, so there we go.

sunday i had the perfect autumnal day! i went sailing in the narragansett with sail newport and had a blast! last year i won a private lesson at an auction, so i finally cashed it in. it was the first time i was at helm in the open sea [as opposed to lakes], and i sailed a rhodes 19, which i’ve never sailed before. it was a cute little boat, pretty straightforward. i’m definitely going back, it was so wonderful.

perfect day for a sail, too. sunny, chilly, breezy. it was oktoberfest in newport, so when we sailed by the wharf, 8 million people waved. so fun.

i then stopped at starbucks and got a pumpkin spice latte. it was delicious, of course.

then came home for FOOTBALL! i love the broncs, but because they’ve been playing west coast teams, they haven’t shown them on the stations out here. but yesterday they played the pats, so i got to watch them win! it was a very frustrating first half for me, but ma boys came through for a fabulous win in overtime!

as cool as nostalgia is, i have to say, the old uniforms are heinous. sometimes i wonder what people were thinking in the 1960s.

so now i’m locked up “studying” [not very successfully]. i bought my tickets to virginia for my best friend’s wedding in november! i’m so excited! i haven’t been deep into virginia since graduation 17 months ago [nb: holy batman time flies!]. i’m so beyond excited for her; it’s going to be a beautiful weekend.

the halloween decorations are up and i’m headed to a pumpkin patch next weekend! 🙂

hope you all had a great weekend, 3 day or otherwise!



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2 responses to “thank you, king ferdinand!

  1. Sailing + a pumpkin spice latte sounds like a divine way to spend a Sunday (or, I suppose any day, yes?!).
    PS: Thanks for taking time to pop over to my blog!

  2. Hello there, Happy Happy halloween!

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