my favorite office supply.

i’m on my 4th pack of highlighters. it’s october. oy.

unfortunately, i’m a highlighter snob. the color ones have to be the sharpie accent retractable ones. the ones that cost $6/pack. ugh. shoot me.

i run through yellow more quickly, so they’re usually the cheaper ones.

and yes, i color code my notes.

i have two schemes:

  • yellow/orange/blue for fed tax, national security, and evidence. orange = rules, whatever else is of the utmost importance. blue = procedural stuff, other case names, etc. yellow is my catchall.
  • yellow/pink/green for constitutional law and business organizations. same deal as above, substitute pink for orange and green for blue.

though i outline for everything as i go instead of book briefing, it makes it wicked easy when i get called on in class and when i’m reviewing for exams.

highlighters are my crack. i have some in my purse, all over my house, and usually have one in my hair.


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