happy sunday!

i love sundays, they’re so relaxing. they used to stress me out because i always had a ton of work to do that i’d put off all weekend. but now, all i ever do is work, so i take sunday mornings off to do my favorite things. sundays are just so peaceful! so what are those favorite things?

  • a cup [or two] of the freshest coffee.
loooove gevalia.

i am such a coffee snob.

  • a toasted bagel and cream cheese
tasty breakfast

tasty breakfast

  • the best political show of the week [though i love david gregory (silver fox, anyone?), i do really miss tim russert :(].
meet the press!


  • watching the sailboats in the bay!

sundays are just so perfect! my roommate and i have roommate dinners on sundays where we take time and cook a big meal together. it’s so much fun.

well back to my glorious day! have a great one!


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