bow ties!

so i live in new england now and did my undergrad in the south.

super precious new england town. it’s right on the water, has a main street with big rolex clock towers, and has a huge 4th of july parade. it’s wonderful.

new england has taken quite a bit of getting used to. different attitudes, different characters, etc.  but there’s one big difference that’s taking the most adjustment.

the boys don’t wear bow ties.

what is that about?

men in bow ties are just so attractive! it says “i’m here to have fun. i’m serious about life, and i like to look good, but i have a good sense of humor and am confident”.

and some great guys wear bow ties.

success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

winston churchill

frank sinatra

tucker carlson

le corbusier

justice stevens

so with that, i implore you, new england gentlemen, please put on a bow tie!



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