helloooo november!

why hello november, i didn’t see you there waiting to ambush me. but now you’re here, and my life is about to get absolutely crazy!

this morning i was cleaning [after watching meet the press, obviously] and updated my dry erase whiteboard. it has five rows and the bottom has december on it.

life needs to learn how to slow down.

but for now, it’s november. the month of thanksgiving, mulled apple cider, and my best friend’s wedding. ❤

black labs and lilly is a precious blog i’ve been reading, and she’s doing a 30 days of thanks, which i think is a marvelous idea. there’s so much pessimism and negativity around the world and this is a wonderful way to remember to be thankful everyday. so join me on this appreciation quest.

my 30 days of thanks. day 1:

i’m thankful for the ability to read.

when i think about it, i don’t know how i would function without being able to read. i spend 90% or more of my day reading. i read cases, statutes, judicial opinions, blogs, news, street signs, books, my calendar, my phone, messages from my beautiful friends, and on and on. i cannot fathom how different my life would be if i didn’t have the ability to read.

82% of the world is literate. that means that 18% is illiterate. that’s 1,207,258,767 people. 1.2 billion people who cannot read and write.

i’m grateful about the tons of tax reading i still have to do for tomorrow. because that ability to read, comprehend, and write that i take advantage of everyday? that’s my ticket to the future.


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