day siiiiiix

it’s been a crazy day, so that’s why this isn’t going up until now. but hey, it made it.

i’m a board member of my school’s chapter of a conservative/libertarian organization found in law schools nationally. the national organization is wonderful and they provide so much support for the different chapters.


today we had a lecture on what natural law is. it’s talked about a lot, but a lot of people don’t really know what it actually is. my concept of it was very vague until today.  we had a great turnout and it was, by all accounts, a success.

today i’m thankful for an environment of robust debate.

everyone has an opinion. on everything. everywhere. all the time. and that’s great. that’s what makes this country [and world] so amazing. intense discourse only helps strengthen and refine an opinion. it helps focus your point of view. it can change your mind. and challenges to your belief make you appreciate your viewpoint that much more.

because opinions can change. viewpoints shift. we evolve and get better. and what’s cooler than that? what’s cooler than talking with people smarter than you and learning and getting more advanced in your thought process?

it’s just so awesome!


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  1. Love this too. Most of the time we’re annoyed, but more of the time, we’re lucky 🙂

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