a beautiful saturday. :)

hellooooo all!

today is just a gorgeous day. sunny, crisp, perfect.

i’m sitting at a starbucks with a venti earl grey skim latte, my [1400 page] constituional law casebook and outline, some norah jones, and a big ol’ smile plastered across my face.

con law is absolutely my favorite class. i love it. i love how everything is steeped in history, i love how carefully SCOTUS has decided these cases throughout the years. i love how intertwined everything is. it’s the foundation for our jurisprudence and it’s amazing. 🙂



today i’m thankful for the advent of the coffeehouse.

it’s such a great environment. i love my cubby at the law school’s library, but for as much time as i spend there during the week, i just cannot do it on the weekends. so i travel around to different coffeehouses. they have tables, music, the soft lull of conversation, and are very welcoming. they don’t seem to get sick of people camping out for hours with tomes and studying, drinking coffee, and just enjoying the ambiance.

sometimes i love starbucks. sure they’re a national chain and some people fight against that. but as a company, they do some great public works. they enable lots of charity. support fair trade [economics aside, it’s great support for the poor in africa and south america]. and revolutionized the art of quick access to espresso. and they treat their staff remarkably well.

sometimes i love small local coffeehouses. the great feel of supporting local business, being considered a “local” [my favorite place knows exactly what i get every time and get it ready as soon as they see me come in]. how connected they are to the community.

but generally, i just love coffeehouses.


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