applauding inefficiency

what a beautiful sunday morning!

65 degrees, sunny, boats packed in the bay, the scent of fresh banana bread wafting, a huge pot of coffee, and meet the press – life doesn’t get much better. 🙂


today, on my 8th day of the 30 days of thanks, i’m grateful for something i’m normally not.

today, i’m thankful for the inefficiency of our legislative process.


yes. i’m happy it’s inefficient and takes a great deal to push things through. that inefficiency creates certainty and a lot of checks on the system.

making a choice like providing health care to the nation is a big choice. if that’s something for which they can garner bipartisan support in both houses, then by all means, go for it. do i think it’s ultimately wise? no. but if enough representatives and senators vote for it, then fine.

i just want them to be sure. i certainly don’t want Congress to create legislation left and right, particularly stuff without broad support. some legislation you just can’t take back [social security, i’m looking at you], even if it later proves to be untenable.

i like the debate, i like the bickering, i want congress to be extraordinarily cautious in the legislation they produce.

because when they’re not careful, you get stuff like the PATRIOT Act. that was passed with enormous “support”, and is one of the most terrifying centralizations of power this country has ever seen. and i don’t like that.

so, go out and debate, congress. debate until your cheeks go blue. debate until the cows come home. debate until you’ve reached the best possible bill you can, and then go with it.


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