i read a lot.

all day, much of the night. in just 2 of my 5 classes, i’ve read 1300 pages this semester already. jealous?

well, so much reading makes my eyes hurt. a lot.

my eyesight isn’t perfect and contacts are great.

i get to wear sunglasses, have peripheral vision, and not get called 4 eyes.


but at the end of the day, how do my eyes feel?

and very little makes me as happy as peeling out those scratchy, dry contacts and putting on those comfy frames.


and all the monsters who used to call me 4-eyes when i was a kid? screw you.

i don’t particularly care if look as nerdy as

Brainy - Season 1

that first second of pure relief? unbeatable.


and that’s why my 9th day of thanks is all about the glasses.


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