oh nooo!

i had this all typed out yesterday, but lost my internet connection, so here’s yesterday’s 30 days of thanks. yikes.


day 10 of my 30 days of thanks. today i’m thankful for headbands.

they’re just so perfect! i got bangs this summer [still trying to figure out if this is a mistake or not] and since i’ve been back at school, i rarely blow dry/straighten my hair every day. it just takes so long, and it’s definitely not on top of my priority list.

so those bangs fall in my face all day unless i do something with them. pinning them works, but that’s just boring.

but a headband? perfect. keeps the hair out of my face, adds some flair, and is just fun!

my current favorite: my new tucker blair headband! i get so many compliments on it.



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