profs = favorites

today on my 30 days of thanks, i’m thankful for when professors make your day.


it’s no secret that i’m a big giant nerd. i like nerdy things, fall for nerdy boys, and generally make nerdy comments. i’m in a supreme court fantasy league, for goodness’ sake.

that being said, like a normal human being, i love when you get an unexpected surprise from your prof. these come in many forms:

  • “don’t worry about the reading for next time, we’ll just finish up this assignment.”
  • “we don’t have enough time to get into this topic as i want, so i’ll just let you go early.”
  • “this is for your own benefit, don’t worry about it on the exam.”

and, my all time favorite, prompting this post?

no class today!

he’s at a conference instead, and we have to make up the class anyway, but holy batman is that fun!

pure, unadulterated freedom.

yeah, i have work to do.

and yeah, it’s just an hour and fifteen minutes free.


but that hour and fifteen minutes is equivalent to 3 hours of normal free time!

free free free!


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