i just bought my tickets home for christmas break. i will be home for 3 weeks. not hardly enough, but i’ll take it, and i’m thrilled to be able to spend time with my family.


today on my 30 days of thanks, i’m so grateful for air travel.

it is a 2000  mile trip from my home in colorado to my home here in new england.

2000 miles.

it takes a long time to go 2000 miles. luckily there are options:

  • by car? well they say it takes 32 hours, but my dad and i drove out in 2008 and it was a looooong 3 days. given the choice, i’d do it in 4 or 5 with a stop in chicago.
  • by train? 63 hour trip with 4 transfers.
  • by wagon train? 5 months. and that’s only if you don’t have a donner on your trip.

and my trip is going to take less than a day. that includes checking in, going through security, transferring in dulles, and getting dinner at my favorite restaurant on the way to the house. and i’ll be home, curled up with my precious dog in my delightful princess bed a mere 48 hours after my last soul-sucking exam of the semester. WIN.

or ?

i think i’ll go with the second choice.


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