warming from the inside out.

i used to get chilled to the bone with great frequency while i lived in new zealand. the land of very little central heating. the land of “oh just throw on another layer”. the land of 43 rainy days in a row.  the worst part was just how i would get cold and wouldn’t be able to warm up.

a raincoat would keep me mostly dry. but my shoes? soaked. socks? soaked. [these were the days when i wore socks more than the current 12 days of 2009 i’ve been forced to pull them on]. hair? soaked. jeans? never dry. you’d get to your destination and be 800 kinds of clammy and cold.

but i found a few sure-fire ways to warm up from the inside out.

  • the hottest shower one can manage.
  • an enormous cup of coffee by a roaring fire.
  • my absolute favorite was to get a cup of steaming hot seafood chowder from the occidental, one of my very favorite restaurants in welly.

but that feeling of slowly warming up, feeling each extremity increasingly warmer, preferably surrounded by friends, laughter, and a cup of awesomeness? bliss.

and that is why, halfway through my 30 days of thanks, i’m thankful for that feeling of warming from the inside out.

particularly as we reach the colder months.




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