library space

i am having an alexander day. as in, a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

it’s bound to happen – you can’t always be in a good mood or feel well or have all kinds of awesome stuff going on.

i don’t want to talk about all the nasty sundries of my day, except to say that i think i’ll move to australia.*


so today, on my 16th day of thanks, i’m thankful for my little cubicle in the library.

it’s mine – i’ve claimed it all semester. i’m here right when the library opens and i’m here all day except for classes and lunch. mine mine mine.

it has a lovely view of the outside and i can just hunker down and get all kinds of work done.

flip on the pandora, power through my work, and read my google reader. it’s perfect.

i used to be able to escape to my little cubicle, but everyone knows where i am now, so if they want something and i’m “unreachable” [by cell, email, twitter, or whatever], then they just come find me. ugh – maybe there’s a reason i’m unreachable.

regardless, it’s my little space and i love it.


someday, i’ll upgrade and this one will be mine. until then…



*not true, since i adamantly did not like it when i visited. but i have to stay true to my man alexander.


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