relaxation, sigh

i’m pretty much running around like a chicken with my head cut off, so this will be brief. i’m going to virginia [my favorite!] for my bff’s wedding tomorrow. so between packing and school and pretty much freaking out generally, this must be brief.




today, i’m grateful for my clawfoot bathtub.


relaxing is great. free your mind, get away from the situation that is stressufl, and just otherwise enjoy life. some people drink to get to this point, others do drugs, some like to do yoga. me? i like to take bubble baths.


my house is an oddly pieced together home, but i love it. one of the perks is a beautiful claw foot tub. perfect for relaxation.


so i’ll just crank up the hot water, pour some suds in, and just lay back and forget about everything. oh man is it great.


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