my best friend is getting married today.

the girl i got into so many shenanigans with at sweet briar. from horse showing to bull bucking, econ classes to giggling and passing notes, silly tradition to another, the girl is amazing. i’m not sure how i got so lucky to make such a wonderful friend, but she’s amazing. and her fiancé is a perfect fit for her. a wonderful guy with a great sense of humor. perfect.

i couldn’t be more excited for her. and i’m overjoyed i am able to take part in her special day.


with that said, today i’m thankful for weddings!

yes, they’re stressful.

yes, people spend too much money on them.

yes, they’re an exercise in absurdity.

but they’re so fun! it’s just an excuse for a HUGE party. and all the drama aside, what could be more fun than getting together with good friends and family and just celebrating? it makes non-emotional people get all warm and squishy inside. it puts a smile on the scroogiest of faces.


but they’re just great. at the end of the day, if people don’t get too caught up in it, what could be better than getting everyone who means the world to you together to play?


congratulations, K&J, i couldn’t be happier for you.


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