until this weekend, i hadn’t been in the south since graduation in 2008. yes, i was in dc for the summer, but i do not include that, even though it’s technically below the mason-dixon line.

today i’m thankful for the south!

i didn’t realize how much i loved it until i left. my nomadic ways might be ending soon – i’ll graduate in 2011 and am going to move back to virginia. my plan now is to sit for the virginia bar and move to NOVA or richmond, depending on a j-o-b. i definitely left my heart in dixie.

lord in heaven do i love the south.

  • history
  • beautiful land
  • kind, polite people
  • culture
  • politics
  • hunting [both game and fox hunting]
  • preppiness everywhere!

it’s just an entirely different world. you really cannot understand it until you live there. and after reliving the glory days there all weekend, i need to get my bum back there. 🙂


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