while i abhor christmas creep [thank you, nordstrom], i do love appropriate decorations.

christmas is above and beyond my favorite season. but as any law student can tell you, there’s little to no time to enjoy it. this year, my last exam is the 17th. so at 9:01pm on december 17th, i’ll be partying like there’s no tomorrow. 3 weeks of absolute freedom. skiing. playing with my puppy. hanging out with my fabulous family and friends at home. going to the nutcracker with my mother. decorating the tree. perfect.


until then, i really just get to look at the trees and lights and pretend to be excited. but hey, c’est la vie. that’s why, today i’m thankful for christmas decorations.

so spectacular! a time to be thankful for what we have. give to those who aren’t as blessed. walk on a beautiful, tree-lined road in a pea coat with bright red cheeks. perfect! and even looking at the beautifully decorated homes just warms my heart.


christmas at the newport mansions: gorgeous.

and the way i celebrate: less extravagance, but no less festive attitude or spirit.


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  1. Wow! That mansion is incredible!

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