i’m super anal retentive. i have lists for everything, always color coded. my crackberry is synced with my gmail calendar, contacts, to do list, everything. i always know what needs to be done and rarely [if ever] just don’t do something i’m supposed to do.


so while my current list is ridiculous, i’m totally thankful for to-do lists.

i keep them in my super precious lilly notebooks.

they’re bangin’. they lay everything out perfectly, you don’t forget stuff, and the most gratifying feeling is checking off that box.


with exams quickly approaching, i have to finish my end of the semester reading, my outlines, and keep everything straight for my 8 days of 5 exams. eek! but that’s okay. it’s daunting, but especially as i get stressed, i can just look at my list and breathe. one box at a time.


occasionally i’ll cheat and put something easy on my list, but it just feels so good to check off my “things to accomplish” list. i whittle it down, one by one, until, BAM, freedom!



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  1. I do the same thing! My favorites are the inane things (go to work, drive home, wash hair) it really does feel good to check them off! I’m glad I’m not the only one haha

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