songs that take you back

i call it song déjà vu.

when you hear a song and takes you right back. back to your childhood. back to college. back to the easier days. back to a simpler life, the way it’s supposed to be. a 3 minute foray into the old memory bank and just smile. perfect.

which is why today i’m thankful for song déjà vu.

a few examples:


straight back to junior year of college. shenanigans afoot.

it’s 2003 and i’m driving my truck home from the barn, elbow out the window, after a great ride. nothing on my mind but pure love for my horses with the whole world in front of me. freedom.

new zealand.

senior year of high school, i was 17 and we really did buy a coke, some gasoline, and drove out to the county fair. too bad there was no tim mcgraw to be found. dang.

high school ski days.

fresh prince = my generation’s hilarity. how can you hear this and not crack up?


putting this together was a blast! what songs take you back?


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