hello DECEMBER!!!!

this is the last month of this decade.

the decade where everything of value happened in my life. high school years. sweet briar. new zealand. internships in dc. beginnings of law school. holy batman.

where does time go? this is disgusting.


anywhoozits, as it’s december, my life has been taken over by law school.

not just the normal 85%. the whole enchilada. [okay except for the 1% of each day i’ll take to myself. i’m a bad student.]

so my posts this month will be scattered and lacking, at best. sorry.

notwithstanding exams, december is my favorite month. lights! sparkly things! the smell of trees! charity! snow! scarves! CHRISTMAS! family time!

so today, to mark the beginning of my favorite month [and end of the friggin decade], i broke these babies out for the first time:

my fleece lined sperries.

winter success.


so with that said, happy december!


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