why am i admitting this?

guilty pleasure: i watch the hills. judge away. i certainly judge myself for it. they’re all ridiculous. petty and absurd. but mildly entertaining, so i stick with it.

when i’m imbibing occasionally, they provide little tidbits of something that elicits a response in the neighborhood of they’re not entirely hopeless. last night was one. audrina and justin bobby had another one of their “conversations” about “where they stand”. for the love of everything, just walk away. anyway, audrina said:

if you’re going to be incapable of loving someone, it’s like you’re missing out on life.  you’re going to grow to be a lonely old man. i hope you do fall in love someday because maybe you’ll actually feel something.

and i’m fairly certain i needed to hear that. i’m what some would call “emotionally detached”. and it’s concerning. almost as concerning as how it appears that justin bobby and i have something in common. kill me.

but, sometimes you hear a pretty song. i like this one:



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3 responses to “why am i admitting this?

  1. atomicfireball

    you love your friends. thats all you need in life 🙂

  2. you are so unbelievably right. ❤

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