december 3: article. what’s an article that you read that blew you away? that you shared with all your friends. that you referenced throughout the year.

there’s a once monthly blog on NYT called “and the pursuit of happiness”. maira kalman does these beautiful history lines with images and creativity. i look forward to it each month.

the one from july is called can do. it’s spectacular: inspiring, creative, poignant. simply lovely. i look at it frequently. i adore it.



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3 responses to “article

  1. I LOVE Maira Kalman and I’d never seen these – only her books – thanks!!

  2. JP

    Mine was an old article from Time entitled “Evil” by Lance Morrow from 1991. the fact that it’s about 18 years old and I still remember is should qualify.,9171,973134,00.html

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