restaurant moment

december 2: restaurant moment. the best restaurant experience you had this year.

this summer i worked for a think tank in dc and had the time of my life.

while there, a friend [i like neither details nor labels] took me to dinner. he and i had a phenomenal time. jazz, good food [best crabcake in dc], great wine, and good company. we talked for hours. i learned a lot about myself from him, from that dinner.

i learned that i may not be as cynical as i thought. that i’ve got the world in front of me. that my goals and dreams between 20 and 60 will change, and that’s okay. that i’m self-defeating. that life is what we make it. that while independence is good, so is sharing your life with another. that i’m not meant to have all the answers at 22. that might is a lot less important than is.

it wasn’t so much that i walked away from the night with an “aha!” moment. it was more of a slow realization of what happy means to me, what life is! it is a great example from my early 20s, my life in dc. it was a perfect night. i owe him so much for what that night gave me. his comments, kindness, humor, thoughts; such intellect and self-assurance. a rainy early june evening in dc, which, from the outside would look sweet, perhaps, but in reality was much more.  it is a memory i hope to carry with me forever.


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  1. Is there anything better than lucid self-actualization? Great post. Sounds like a great night.

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